APTA Academy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary PT Member Awards

The Academy seeks to honor members that have made significant contributions towards the advancement of our mission and vision through excellence in clinical practice, education, research, and service.  

Play a significant supporting role in helping your colleagues receive recognition for their achievements by nominating the person or persons you feel are most deserving of an Academy Member Award.  

The Mentoring, Merit, Emerging Leader, and Friend of the Academy Awards are awarded at CSM each year.  The Linda Crane Award is announced at CSM after the conclusion of the Linda Crane Lecture and awarded at the following year's CSM. 

CPTJ Awards are decided by our Editor-In-Chief and his team and the Best Platform and Poster Awards are decided by our Research Committee. 

For more details on the awards and to make a nomination, please click on the black bar of each award.  Pictured below are our 2024 Award Recipients.  

Nominations are accepted year-round but must be received by Sept 15th for consideration in 2024.   


Linda Crane Award 

Alvaro Gurovich - 2024


 Linda Crane Award Nomination Form

Mentoring Award

Bryan Lohse- 2024

Mentoring Award Nomination Form

Merit Award 

Jenny Sharp- 2024

 Merit Award Nomination Form

Merit Award
John Connell- 2024 

Emerging Leader Award

 Haley Bento - 2024

Emerging Leader Award Nomination Form

APTA National Awards 


Best CPTJ Reviewer Award

Christopher Brown- 2024

CPTJ Paper of the Year

Catherine Stolbouskin, Rajashree Mondkar, Terrence Schwing, & Bobby Bellarmino- 2024 

CPTJ Associate Editor of the Year

Michael Shoemaker- 2024

Best Platform

The Impact of Lung Ultrasound on Cardiothoracic Physical Therapy Practice: A Mixed Methods Study

Casey Farrell DPT, Kay Cooper, Simon Hayward PT, Paul Swinton, Craig Walker

Best Poster
Chest Wall and Thoracic Mobility and its Relation to Pulmonary Function in Lung Transplant Candidate
Samuel Eccles PT, Cristiane Meirelles PT, PhD, Brent William Baertsche PT, Justin Rosenheck DO
Friend of the Academy of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy Award

Not Awarded in 2024


Friend of the Academy Nomination Form


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