Entry Level Education

Entry-Level Competencies in

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy 

The Academy’s 2022 Entry-Level Competencies in Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy are now available and free for both members and non-members!!! 

Click the thumbnail pic, below) to obtain your copy. You will need to “purchase” this free resource to get the comprehensive pdf resource. (“Purchasing” allows us to track usage and send any revisions/updates to users.) 

Over 900 total competencies (knowledge/skill/ability) are rated on a 4-tier scale from “none” to “proficient,” and align with both the patient-client management model and CAPTE accreditation standards in DPT curriculum (Standards 7A, 7C, 7D). We anticipate these competencies to be used by multiple stakeholders for uses including DPT didactic curriculum, clinical education, and new graduate employment mentorship. 



These competencies update prior published works in the description of physical therapist entry-level practice in CVP PT:

  • Pamela Bartlo, Gary Brooks, & Meryl Cohen in 2015
  • Linda Crane in 1983

Academy Task Force

Lead Investigator: Morgan Johanson
Task Force Members: Pamela Bartlo, Naomi Bauer, Angela Campbell, Sagan Everett, and Nancy Smith

Subject Matter Experts

Pamela Bartlo, Naomi Bauer, Gary Brooks, Rebecca Byrd, Larry Cahalin, Angela Campbell, Meryl Cohen, Joan Drevins, Sagan Everett, Meghan Gushurst, Karlyn Green, Suzanne Greenwalt, Nanette Hannum, Ellen Hillegass, Morgan Johanson, Kristin Lefebvre, Sean Lowers, Daniel Malone, Lisa Marie Mangan- Hayes, Lauren Mellett, Matthew Nippins, Ashley Parish, Rachel Pata, Amy Pawlik, Jennifer Rhodes, Paul Ricard, Jeffrey Rodrigues, Jennifer Ryan, Alexandra Sciaky, Nancy Smith, Dawn Stackowicz, Michael Tevald, and Chris L. Wells.