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Cardiopulmonary Educators

PT Cardiopulmonary Educators

At PT Cardiopulmonary Educators, we harness the innovation of technology to address some of physical therapy's most challenging teaching issues. We offer webinars, live continuing education courses, PT residency development consultation, products designed to prepare PT's to sit for the ABPTS cardiovascular and pulmonary (CVP) specialty examination and core curriculum products that meet CAPTE criteria for CVP content in entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs.


Good Heart Education Company

Good Heart Education

An education company that provides continuing education courses and online webinars on various topics relevant for PTs, OTs, and RTs practicing in Inpatient and Outpatient Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. We offer personalized mentoring, practice exams, case studies, research assistance and lectures to PT’s who are studying for the ABPTS Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialty Exam.