Mentoring Award


To recognize members of the Academy of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy whose distinguished careers have resulted in the mentoring of professionals who have gone on to serve others through their teaching, scholarship and/or clinical practice. 


The nominee must be a member in good standing of the Academy with at least five years of active membership at the time of the nomination. Past recipients of the award are eligible for re-nomination after 5 years. 

The primary criterion for the award is demonstrated excellence in mentoring. Mentoring can take many forms. A worthy nominee may excel at one or more of the following:

  1. Mentors other physical therapists while assuming a leadership role within the Section; for example, assuming a leadership role in the profession, serving on Section committees, or demonstrating mentorship as a member of a PT faculty or clinical instructor.
  2. Develops an effective environment for high quality clinical practice, teaching and scholarship. Examples include a clinical director who supports and promotes the development of staff (high number seeking board certification, presenting and publishing, development of residency program) or a faculty member who promotes effective teaching and scholarship productivity of his/her graduate students by being well funded in grants and/or equipment to support laboratory or clinical research.
  3. Fosters the development of talents in others, including effective patient care, research skills, teaching ability, and/or presentation and writing skills. This could be demonstrated in abstracts, papers, etc. that students have written or via recommendations from peers/colleagues who have worked with students that have been mentored by this individual.
  4. Demonstrates professional behavior and serves as a positive role model; actively demonstrates the core values of the APTA.
  5. Promotes new practitioners, educators and scholars with the Section and the broader professional community.
  6. Provides guidance in administrative matters.
  7. Advises students and clinicians regarding options for advancement in the profession. 


  1. Nominations will be accepted from January 1 through October 15th for awards made in February at CSM the following year.
  2. Nominees must be members in good standing of the Academy of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy or recently converted to lifetime APTA member.
  3. Nominations must include the nomination form and a letter of reference discussing the selection criteria.
  4. The nominee’s curriculum vitae must be included with the nomination.
  5. The Nominating Committee will collect and review all nominations submitted by the deadline. During their review, the Nominating Committee will:
    1. verify that all nominations are complete
    2. verify that nominees are members in good standing with APTA and the Academy
    3. provide a recommendation to the Academy Officers based on the information provided
  6. Review of the nominations will take no longer than 4 weeks from the deadline. Upon completion of the initial review, the Nominating Committee Chair will forward the nominations and the results of the review to the Academy Officers for final review and award determination.
  7. The award winner will be notified by the Academy President no later than one month prior to the Combined Sections Meeting at which the award will be presented. 
  8. Award recipients receive a plaque acknowledging their contributions. The plaque will be presented at the Academy's Annual Membership Meeting at CSM if the recipient is in attendance. If the recipient is unavailable to attend CSM, then the plaque will be mailed to him/her following the meeting. An announcement celebrating their award also will be placed in various Academy media.