Professional Development Committee 

Professional Development Committee Chair is appointed by the President and serves a 3 year term. Duties include improving and updating the Study Guide for the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialty Examination and overseeing the CVP Entry Level Competency Project. The Professional Development Committee Chair is the board liaison for the Liaison to the CVP Specialty Council, the Academy's Residency/Fellowship Liaison and the Chair of the Academy's Educators SIG. The Professional Development Committee Chair also assists the Education Chair to develop, host and sponsor academy sponsored continuing education seminars, webinars and conferences. 

  • CCS Study Guide Committee: Rachel Pata, Joanne Hartshorn, Dan Malone, Varsha Kinde and Rajsharee Monikar
  • CVP Entry Level Competency Task Force: Morgan Johanson, Angela Campbell, Nancy Smith, Sagan Everett, Naomi Bauer and Pamela Bartlo
  • CVP Specialty Council Liaison: 
  • Residency/Fellowship Liaison: Traci Betts
  • CVP Educator's SIG Chair: Deanna Hostler