APTA Academy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy
2023 Fall Conference 

Call for Speakers - See below for proposal application form

Announcing the APTA Academy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy 2023 Fall Conference to be held Saturday, September 30 & Sunday, October 1, 2023, at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. We are currently requesting submissions for speaker sessions. Per the Membership poll in 2022, members are requesting more education in the following topics:

Heart Failure

  • Heart Failure including Advanced HF, new meds and treatment for HF and HF guidelines implementation into practice
  • Advanced heart failure management with emphasis on arrhythmias, pulmonary hypertension
  • Heart Failure - treatment, new technology, PT best practice 


  • Mechanical Circulatory Support including VADs, Impella, IABP, CRT, ECMO and mobility with these devices
  • MCS - intro to devices, PT implications, and best practice (emphasis on ECMO, VADs) 
  • ECMO resources Heart Failure COPD


  • PT involvement in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: role and importance in these programs, how to market and promote these programs, and billing practices. 
  • Cardiac Rehab and Pulmonary rehab – billing, telehealth, and diagnoses best practice
  • Treatment and care for chronic heart and pulmonary conditions


  • ECG interpretation, lab value interpretation, lines and tubes courses designed for educators on newest technologies in cardiovascular equipment
  • ECG - interpretation to practice implications 


  • New Technology/DME for Monitoring/IMT/Research, etc.
  • Update on current cardiopulmonary research
  • Bridging research to clinical practice, or how to get started in research. 
  • Research - how to do, to how to get more involved, to how to integrate into practice. 

Teaching CVP

  • CVP teaching and mentoring 
  • Teaching and Mentoring for CVP Students and Residents
  • Information about preparing & mentoring entry level practitioners for critically ill patients

Pulmonary HTN


  • Hospital based post-op protocols for infants and pediatric patients’ s/p cardiac surgery (CHD, staged surgeries, transplant) including scar mobilization.


  • Management of the ventilator patient including settings, Airway management, mobility, and PICS
  • PICS – what to look for/screen for

ICU Best Practice

  • Teaching and Mentoring for CVP Students and Residents, how to make the ICU "less scary"
  • How to establish mentoring in your ICU  
  • ICU best practice - mechanical ventilation, early mobility, PICS ID and understanding continuum
  • pulmonary best practice, cardiology best practice, and ICU best practice/CPG’s


  • Use of telehealth in CVP populations
  • Telehealth and/or other options for cardiac or pulmonary rehab including billing
  • Telehealth for cardiac and pulmonary rehab, Individual and groups.  

Honorarium will be $200 per 2-hour session and there will not be additional funding for travel.

If you are interested in submitted a proposal, please complete the following application by midnight on December 15, 2022. 

Proposal Application

 Proposal Requirements 

  • Session Title (15-word maximum):
  • Submitter's Email:
  • Session Description (250-word limit):
  • Teaching Method: Lecture, Lab, Discussion, Panel, Other 
  • Assessment of Learning: Q&A, Post-Test, Discussion, Other 
  • Objectives (4 objectives):
  • Session Outline:
  • Recommended Content Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced 
  • Copyright Permission: I confirm that all graphs, charts, and photographs to be presented are original work or will have published copyright permissions
  • References (Minimum of 5 references, no more than 10 years old, 2013 or later):
  • Speaker Information (Including name, degree/credentials, institution, city, and state): 
  • Speaking Experience: Facility, State Conference, CSM, National Conference 
  • Biographical Information for each Speaker:
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosures: No conflicts of interest to declare, List Conflicts