2023 Election

Please review the candidates for the offices of Vice President and Nominating Committee Member.  Submit your ballot by clicking the button below. This election will close on December 9th, 2023 at 11:59pm.  This page and ballot are only available to voting members of the Academy.  

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Kari Ann DiVito, PT, DPT

APTA member since: 2015
Academy member since: 2018

Academy Activities:  

  • Published in CPTJ

Other APTA Activities:  APTA-WV annual conference speaker : “Preparing for the COVID-19 Rehab Wave: Learn to Surf, not Drown” (4/2021)Published abstracts: Taylor R, Unroe K, Matthess E, DiVito K, Swisher AK. (2023) Self-Reported Mobility in ECMO survivors. Academy of Acute Care PT, Combined Sections Meeting 2023. https://apta.confex.com/apta/csm2023/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/34793oDiVito, K., Swisher, A. K., Fugett, J., Hayanga, J. W. (2020). Frequency and Severity of Self-reported Mobility, Daily Activity, and Cognition Impairments in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Survivors Following Return to Home. WV Physical Therapy Association. https://www.wvpta.org/resources/virtual-poster-session-2020.htmloTaylor R, Mathess E, Unroe K, DiVito K, Swisher AK. Self-reported mobility in ECMO survivors at WVU. Platform presentation at APTA-WV annual conference (2022).

Candidate Statement:  "I became a Board-Certified Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Specialist in 2021 after this area of practice sparked my interest right after graduation in 2018. Since then, I have used my specialty to enter the academic world while continuing to practice in the acute care setting and was named Residency Coordinator of the currently developing Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Residency forming at West Virginia University. It seems the next logical step is to become more involved in our governing body so that we can continue to advance practice and so I may continue to grow professionally. For personal professional growth, I wish to become more involved in the Academy so I may carry over knowledge gained an an officer to future residents and groups of future PTs, especially since I live an an area where cardiovascular and pulmonary issues are highly prevalent while access to such care is scarce. For the Academy, my goal is to assist the President in any way necessary, so that together we may continue to function smoothly as an Academy, while assisting Academy Members with achieving their goals and influencing the greater APTA body."

Morgan Keller Johanson, PT, MSPT

APTA member since: 2011
Academy member since: 2011

Academy Activities: 

  • Professional Development Chair
  • Led Task Force to Update Entry-Level DPT CVP PT Competencies
  • Oversees CCS Study Guide Committees
  • Oversees Circle Chairs
  • Participated on 2023 Fall Conference committee

Other APTA Activities: Multiple presentations at CSM for sessions and Precons and State conferences including California, Michigan, and WashingtonPrior to starting Good Heart Education, in 2015, I attended the ABPTS CVP meeting at the NBME to evaluate the CCS exam and determine passing score for that year

Candidate Statement: "I have extensive experience, not just within my PT career, but also including volunteer organizations, where strong leadership and direction was needed. I have a proven track record for achieving consistent results that are aligned to our Academy’s strategic objectives (DPT Competencies, CCS Study Guide, Fall Conference, Circles). I have helped to create new sources of revenue for our academy (CCS study guide, Precons, and Fall Conference). I enjoy motivating teams of people; I am a solid decision maker; I believe in delegating; I possess good communication skills, and I will focus my efforts on making sure our Academy not only meets the goals we’ve set but achieves them with high standards. I am passionate about Clinical Practice Guidelines and am eager to deliver completed projects within a timely manner. We currently have several ongoing CPG projects that need strong leadership to ensure completion. I feel strongly that the membership will see positive results if I am elected to serve as Vice President."

Sean T. Lowers, PT, DPT

APTA member since: 2006
Academy member since: 2008

Academy Activities: 

  • Programming Committee member, Feb 2023
  • Finance Committee, 2020-2023
  • Nominating Committee, chair Jan 2015 – Dec 2015, member Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

Other APTA Activities: American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists, board member, Jun 2018 – Dec 2022; American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialty Council, chair Jan 2015 – Dec 2016, member Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

Candidate Statement: "Having been deeply involved in the specialist certification process for the past ten years, I have seen the increasing interest in and growth of our area of physical therapy practice and the importance we have in meeting the needs of our patients and our interprofessional colleagues. The function of the Vice-President is crucial in supporting the President and advancing the Academy’s mission and vision statement and core values, as well as developing priorities for the Academy in our ever-changing health care system. The Academy has been at the forefront of advocating for and promoting cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy in the education, research, and clinical settings. My experience within physical therapy, as a clinician, administrator, and faculty member, has allowed me to develop the necessary organizational and interpersonal skills to continue and build upon the work that previous leadership has accomplished, and work effectively with the Executive Committee to further the priorities of the Academy. I appreciate your consideration and support and thank you for the honor and privilege to be nominated as Vice-President for the Academy."


Casey Herrmann, PT, DPT

APTA member since: 2018
Academy member since: 2020

Academy Activities: This would be my first opportunity to be involved with the Academy!

Other APTA Activities:

  • Vice Chair of the Acute Care Special Interest Group, APTA-PAFebruary 2023- Present - Task Force Member, ACAPTJanuary-December 2020 Served on “Pre-Admission Observation Hours” task force through ACAPT with the objective to explore current perceptions and practices of admission processes, assisted in survey development and distribution for all PT and PTA students, performed qualitative data analysis- Pennsylvania Core Ambassador, APTAOctober 2019-November 2020 Acted as liaison to Student Assembly Board for all PT and PTA students in Pennsylvania (PA), maintained communication with all PT and PTA programs in PA, promote APTA student membership and active engagement- Student Observer, Pennsylvania Chapter of American Physical Therapy Association January 2020-December 2021 Attend quarterly APTA-PA executive board meetings, collaborated with board members on pertinent issues involving PT and PTA students in Pennsylvania- CPI/CSIF Advisory Board Student LiaisonSeptember 2020- December 2021 Serve as the liaison between the CPI/CSIF Advisory Board and Student Assembly Board of Directors, provide a student perspective on the utilization of the CPI to enhance user efficiency.

Candidate Statement:  "Throughout my time as a student and clinician, I have held various positions at both the state and national level. Following the completion of my CVP residency program, I would love to become more involved within the Academy. Many of my previous and current roles aimed to promote membership and participation for students and clinicians."

Christa Bauer Gilley, PT, DPT

APTA member since: 2010
Academy member since: 2015

Academy Activities:

  • Chair of the Cardiovascular ICU Circle
  • Member of the CCS Study Guide Committee,
  • Booth volunteer for the CVP Academy at CSM,
  • CSM Poster Presenter 2020, 2022, 2023

Other APTA Activities:

  • APTA Academy of Acute Care member, APTA Academy of Education member

Candidate Statement: "I am running for Nominating Committee member of the Academy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy and am excited for the opportunity. I am currently a full-time clinician at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas where I serve as a senior physical therapist and Rehab Educator. My recent transition into this dual role allows me the flexibility to continue to treat the critically ill patient population I have grown to love and merge it with my passion for education and mentoring. I mentor new employees and serve as the cardiopulmonary mentor for the Acute Care Residency program at Memorial Hermann. Additionally, I am an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch where I am the lead instructor for the cardiopulmonary content. The merger of these professional commitments has expanded and further developed my remarkable organization and time management skills, which I know would be an asset to a member of the Nominating Committee. If elected, I will work diligently to seek out appropriate and well qualified candidates who would represent the Academy well and uphold the values of both the Academy and the APTA in an elected position. I will also work to solicit nominations for Academy and APTA awards. I value relationships and believe this trait will assist in networking to bring the best candidates forward. I believe my experience as a clinician, educator, and mentor, as well as my willingness to serve the Academy make me an ideal candidate for this position."

Dana F. Tischler, PT, DPT, PhD 

APTA member since: 2007
Academy member since: 2020

Academy Activities: I volunteered at the exhibit hall booth for the CVP Academy at CSM in 2022 and 2023. I presented an education session at the first annual Fall conference in Atlanta in 2023.

Other APTA Activities: In addition to the Academy of CVP, I am a member of the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy and the Academy of Physical Therapy Education. I have been an abstract and proposal reviewer for both academies for CSM and their respective fall conferences since 2020. Additionally, I have volunteered at the exhibit hall booths for both academies at CSM.

Candidate Statement: "I am very interested in becoming more involved with the Academy of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy to elevate this specialty area of physical therapy practice. As a faculty member teaching this content, I am also interested in learning from mentors in the field and growing my professional network. Joining the nominating committee will allow me to get to know the Academy leadership team and learn more about the Academy and its members."

Elizabeth Michelle Steele, PT, DPT

APTA member since: 2010
Academy member since: 2016

Academy Activities: Attendance at CSM courses, Business meetings

Other APTA Activities: Served as a data collector for AACPT research grant assessing skeletal muscle impact of lung transplantation under Dr. Mike Tevald, Social media content creator for acute care SIG of the Pennsylvania chapter of the APTA (PPTA), local speaking enagements at PPTA, submission of case studies via PPTA

Candidate Statement: "As a primarily acute care clinician by practice for 10 years, a board certified cardiovascular and pulmonary clinical specialist since 2018, and a newly transitioned academic, I have made extensive connections locally and nationally in the cardiovascular and pulmonary community. I have also served specific roles in ICU level care and pulmonary rehab and have personal experience and interactions with individuals interested in CVP PT practice throughout the continuum of care. In being considered for the Nominating Committee, I would like to reiterate that CVP PT occurs in every setting in which a PT practices and I am specifically interested in recognizing individuals across the continuum to highlight the importance of this expertise within the larger scope of practice."

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